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Our Software and Web Development service covers everything from bespoke web applications to powerful desktop software systems, from Microsoft Access and Excel system replacement to data migration and business process automation.

If you are a small business in need of a new or refreshed web presence we also offer competitively priced web site design and hosting packages that provide an inexpensive way to define and market your company online.

What do we do?

We help our clients define business processes, automate repetitive tasks, share data with their customers and business partners, add value to the services they offer and differentiate themselves from their competitors. We do this through bespoke software design and development.

What is bespoke software development?

Bespoke software development is the design and delivery of a tailor made business solution that addresses the particular needs of your business. Software development isn't just about the technologies used - it is primarily about identifying the core business processes that the system will support and deciding how they can be streamlined and systemised to increase productivity.

The nature of "off-the-shelf" systems means that you have to follow the processes they were designed around - which can be very limiting and their "one-size-fits-all" approach means that you won't be able to work as effectively as a system design for your exact and unique needs.

Why should I consider a bespoke solution from Arkk Software?

You need a system that is designed to address your needs.
You know the issues and bottlenecks within your own company. We work with you to remove these - this might take the form of a change to an existing sytem, a small application that automates repetitive manual processes or a web site that allows you to share important data with customers and busienss partners. An off-the-shelf system can't offer the kind of specialisation you need and requires you to change your business processes to fit a generic model of the industry you operate in. Not ideal if you have a unique business model or use data in a different way than your competitors.
You want to decide what inputs and outputs you need.
We can help you import data from your existing systems and spreadsheets. You get to decide how you want to use the data - via reports, automated emails, workflow steps and anything else you need to help maximise the use of your managament information. We have years of experience of business analysis, process refinement and systamisation.
You need to show a Return On Investment.
When we start discussions with a customer we have the full life cycle of the system in mind. We focus on producing systems that are scaleable and cost-effective to support as your business expands. We want you to see that you are saving money by commisioning a system from us. If there is no way in which we can help your business save money in the long term then we won't try and sell you something. It has to work for you and us alike in terms of system definition, delivery and support costs.
You want to work with a development company with a proven track record.
We have a wide customer base of companies using both bespoke solutions and our commercially avaialable software products thoroughout the UK. Click here to see why are confident that we can deliver you a cost-saving solution within an achievable timescale.

Save money by commisioning a solution.

By reducing the amount of time taken performing repetitive administration or managing your staff's workloads you can dramatically improve your bottom line as well as the productivity and efficiency of your staff. A lot of small businesses think that the chores of administration, workload management and the manual production of reports and invoices are just part and parcel of running a business - but time consuming tasks like these can't be solved by just putting more staff on them. The best solution is often a cost effective bespoke software system that is designed to scale as your business grows. For one of our customers we were able to give the managing director her weekends back and removed the need to employ more staff by systemising the processes used in their call centre.

Enterprise grade database development. Replacing spreadsheets and Access databases.

Most small and medium sized businesses are too reliant on poorly designed Excel Spreadsheeet and Access based 'systems' - these systems are normally designed by a member of staff with limited experience of designing scaleable and relational data solutions. They rapidly become unmanageable, slow, prone to data entry errors and require hours of manaual processing and manipulation in order to get management information out of the data within them. At Arkk Software we specialise in the migration and replacement of temporary solutions like these with robust, reliabale, fast and valuable enterprise grade database backed applications. We are expert users of Microsoft's flagship entrprise database server - Microsoft SQL Server - and have a proven track record of delivering database backed commercial and bespoke solutions of varying size and complexity across a range of business sectors including manufacturing, logistics, online retail, customer service and finance.

We are happy to perform analysis on your existing Excel and Acess solutions free of charge and present a summary of current and potnetial issues and our suggested upgrade path.

Web Design Service.

If you are a small business in need of a new or refreshed web presence we also offer competitively priced web site design and hosting packages that provide an inexpensive way to define and market your company online.

Next steps.

Solving problems using affordable technologies to provide you with a return on your investment is what we do - its our business. We have the people and skills necessary experience and know-how to build bespoke software solutions from scratch - a customised business system that will be easily maintainable and have the ability to grow and adapt with your future business needs. Please contact us using the details below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Want to know more?

We'd be happy to talk to you about how our Software Development team can help your business to grow.
You can email us at info@arkksoftware.com or call on 01454 838 190 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We are based near Bristol, ideal for our customers in the South West and Wales, although we service customers throughout the UK.
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