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Assemble - Production Control, Part Management


Assemble is a simple to use Production Control System that places the focus on manufacturing, batch control and product assembly.

Production control can be a complex and time consuming activity. Assemble has been developed to simplify the processes of production control - providing an efficient and secure method of recording and organising part, assembly and finished good data.

Assemble product features.

Item Maintenance – Including part revision change control, usage tracking and variant identification.
Finished Good/Assembly Lifecycle Management – Using ‘Structures’ to define the item hierarchy of finished goods / products provides the ability to control the production of products whilst maintaining a full audit history of the processes, items and batches used.
Document Management – Including item revision versioning and the ability to store contract and specification documents against suppliers and materials.
Bill of Materials Production – Simple cost and assembly time reporting for finished goods and assemblies.
Production Run / Batch Management – The ability to record which batches of item revisions and which assembly documents were used in a production run.
Assembly Process Management – Assembly instructions can be stored, sequenced and displayed during production to streamline the process.
Supplier, Material and Moulding Tool Management – Including the ability to view affected parts by change of supplier, moulding tool or material specification for example.
Audit Trail - Retain audit trails of supplied parts, documents, materials and batches used during production.

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